is my personal website. It was launched in 1999, right at the cusp of the dot com gold rush, but only a few friends knew about it. Previously, I used Homesite and Dreamweaver to publish content. But then a little program called WordPress made my life easier. I have been paying fists full of dollars to my web pimp, Dreamhost, since this site’s conception.

I reminisce about my fishbowl world with my first laptop, the 1999 Sony Vaio. As progressed, I became anti-PC, purchasing a snazzy Powerbook G4. My baby mac crashed so last year, I purchased a sweet MacBook Pro.

More info, you ask? Fine. I’m a 5’9″ Scorpio who likes long walks on the beach. Whatever. I am not going to type some contrived or heart-felt yet boring synopsis. I feel more comfortable giving you snippets of my cracked-out personality: I am a self-proclaimed beer sommelier. I can pair any dish with beer. I am always cold, especially when the a/c is on. I love tea and hate coffee. I am the Happy Hour Queen. I can do the hustle from Saturday Night Fever. I clip coupons. I’ve never had plastic surgery and I don’t want to because, as Diane Keaton said, “I want to go out authentic.”

So to sum it up: I came, I saw, I raved, I ranted…and then I blogged about it.

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