The Blair Bitch Project

Sorry, I have been busy these last few days.  My bad.  After cooking a wonderful meal complete with grilled salmon with mustard dill sauce, sautéed mushrooms and yellow rice, Jeff and I saw the Blair Witch Project.  Oh my Lord, was that shit scary. Just the fact that you cannot see what is chasing after them creeps the shit out of me.  Yes I had nightmares, and I am a wimp.  On Saturday, we hit a party thrown by a dogwalker that was sweet.  I was knee deep in alcohol and beef. It was divine.  Then we headed to the Fell’s Point Festival and I double-fisted the Nut Brown along with the Magic Hat Number 9.  After walking off the beer, I saw the movie Pi.  Excellent selection. I have to get the soundtrack.  The movie was phat, and it wasn’t all about the math, it was about how wacked a person can get after you discover the truth, whatever truth that may be. On Sunday, I screamed my ass off on this Mouse ride at Hershey Park. People, don’t let looks fool you.  This ride looked small, the dips didn’t look as scary and it didn’t look like it was fast.  Oh no, it was all that and then some.  I screamed for my mommy so hard my stomach hurt.  Forget about the Lightening Racer, the Great Bear or the Wildcat, the Mouse ride was friggin’ scary.