Sooo desu, ne!

I am really digging New York City.  I have already gone through the hazing: suffered riding a train with no a/c, waiting in a hot subway station for a delayed train and getting lost.  So many of the restaurants  and bars that I have heard of (Momofuku, d.b.a, Veselka) are around the apartment where I’m staying. And I’m not going to lie, the East Village is like and asian fantasyland for me.  There are too many good-looking japanese, chinese and korean men here.  In fact, there is a shitload of nerdy-sexy, dirty-sexy, and ugly-sexy men everywhere.  My vajay-jay is going to spontaneously combust. If only I could stay here longer.  Finding an apartment is the most difficult task especially when you can’t afford to live where you want to live.  I’m trying to stay positive and concentrate on finding a place — damn, he is FINE, I gotta have me some of that, where’s the fire? I’m sorry, what was I saying?