I went to a dinner club thing on Friday at the Bowman Restaurant. It was fun and the food was fantastic. Then we headed downstairs to the comedy club and saw two great comedians. One of them actually came back to my friend’s house and partied with us. It was really cool. I got stood up for a date on Saturday. I called the Champ, because I figured he would have forgotten. He said he made plans with some of his friends. Whatever. He asked to call me back in five minutes because he was in a mall. That was the last I heard from him. Hopefully, he won’t try to email me with some lame excuse as to why he never called me back. I hate when guys say that they were busy and all this lame ass shit. The fact of the matter is, I am obviously not an important factor in their life to take five minutes of their time for a phone call. To put it bluntly, just tell me you’re not interested and move on.