Why I Should Smoke Crack

5:30am Go to bed

11:16am Awoke from a pleasant sleep by the loudest construction workers I have ever heard.  Were they digging a tunnel to Australia?

12:00pm Go back to sleep, barely.

1:30pm Wake up

2:30pm Go to grocery store.

4:00pm Make hot dogs for a quick lunch

4:30pm Do one load of laundry

5:00pm Make dough for pizza.  Check emails.

6:30pm Eat entire pizza.  Freeze the other dough rounds.

7:20pm Leave for work.

8:00pm Clock in for work.

11:30pm Wonder why I’m here if there is no late room service. Ugh.

1:00am Realize none of my friends are online at Facebook, MySpace or IM *sighs*

1:30am Orders food and waits.

2:58am Gets food delivery…finally.  Anihilates burger and fries, proclaiming the effects of the “Michael Phelps Diet.”

3:44am Realizes there are only 15 more minutes until I go home.

4:00am Clocks out and walks home.