British Airways I

It’s been weeks after the BA206 fiasco and I still have not heard from British Airways. Let me back up…I flew to the UK to take a housekeeping certification course. First, the flight was delayed, then it was re-scheduled, and finally, it was canceled. We were herded like cattle to a hotel and were not given the time as to when the flight was re-scheduled. They didn’t give us our luggage. Yes, I typed that correctly, British Airways did not give me my luggage even though the flight was canceled. We were told the flight was scheduled for the same time the next day, which was 5:15pm. After checking in, receiving my meal vouchers and getting some beers, I stayed up late so that I could contact the hotel and the school. That’s right, if you’re paying attention, I am missing the first day of the class along with my transportation to get there. The next day, we had to check out of the hotel before 12:30pm, and were told the flight was re-scheduled for 4pm. What’s a girl to do for 3 hours? Find a bar! I was at the gate at 3pm. The agent said the flight was scheduled for 5:15pm. I thought about going back to the bar, but I didn’t. At 3:30pm, the agent announced that “those customers waiting for the re-scheduled flight BA206, the gate number has changed. This flight is doing a final boarding at gate ##.” I was pissed. I ran to the gate and just made it. Once I touched down in London, the British Airways team there arranged for a car to drive me to the class. Nice. Why am I complaining? I was not given my luggage for when I stayed in the hotel. I was wearing the same clothes for 2 1/2 days! Plus, a few days before my flight, I paid an extra $300 to change the departure time. Two days after I flew home, I checked my account online and found I was charged twice. British Airways has no complaint phone line or refund phone line, so I emailed them with all my information. Two weeks later, no response, but just the standard no-reply email saying they are working on it. I send another email. One week later, no response. So I called my bank and gave them the information. They are disputing it for me and I should get an answer in a few days. Meanwhile, they credited my account for the time being. So far it’s Shenae-1, British Airways-0.