I make it happen

I have been working for the catering company for a week and I am already a superstar. Everyone who worked with me at the hotel has also impressed the staff. We rock! It’s so easy to help set up, serve drinks or hors d’oeuvres, and break down the serving area. We like to work, show up on time and they are paying us an insane amount of money per hour. I wish I knew about working for a catering company sooner…like months ago! I would have had extra money since I could work on whatever day off I was scheduled, and they are flexible. But now I am wiser. Some colleagues work for more than one catering company. This is a good thing. And wherever I go, whether it be New York or here in Florida, I can work part time for any company. By the by, today I spotted a person for whom I cooked several dinners when I was a private chef. He just happens to be the head of a major museum. I took the card of the woman who booked the event and gave it to him. She was very impressed and thanked me for the publicity. Yes, I make it happen.

I Got a Job…Sort of

So I picked up a job at a catering company as a server. I have 3 gigs this week and then next weekend, I am doing a paid trial for a client in NYC. Thank you Jesus. I worked last Saturday as a server and a busser at a shee-shee frou-frou ginormous condo in South Beach. Her bathroom was the size of my apartment! The owner was 60 and single with no kids. I heard she worked in commercial real estate, so this will be my new career. I wanted to go home and slit my wrists, because let’s face it, I don’t see myself living in such luxury. I should just start selling oranges on the corner and sleep under a bridge now. But I wonder if she is happy with no husband and kids. For now, I don’t want to have children. Having a relationship is another story. I haven’t been in a relationship for two years, so yes, I’ve paid my dues. In the meantime, I am deciding if I want to stay in flaky Florida or move to boogie down Brooklyn. There are so many more job opportunities that can be reached with public transportation in NYC. I am so limited here, and yes, the weather is great, but I am pretty much over hurricanes.

Crossing my fingers, eyes and toes

Tomorrow, I leave for NYC…again.  I am excited.  I said I wouldn’t talk about my work-seeking woes, so mum is the word.  In other news, Tofurkey Day, aka Thanksgiving was great.  I spent time with two of my friends at their huge house and had plenty of food and drink.  It was nice to relax, to not be job hunting, and talk to humans!  I am sure my cats are sick of me.  Who knows what I’ll be doing for Christmas, but I hope a glass of wine will be factored in that day.

Oprah gave away refrigerators!

the pimped out fridge

Oh my gravy, the Oprah’s Favorite Things show was crazy. She gave away LG refrigerators! I would have lost my mind if I was in the audience. And LG is having them installed and will donate their old fridges to charity. Is there nothing this woman can’t do?

In other news, nothing is going on with the job situation. In fact, I am sick of talking, let alone complaining about it any more.  I am still applying for things and following up on a few leads.  I pray that I will find something soon.  Scratch that, I know I will find something soon.

Interviews galore

I got back from an interview in NYC. I also did a phone interview for a small airline based in New York. I’m excited. Finally, some good news on the job front. I was mulling over the situation with Laura, especially the vicious cycle. I need a car and it would be easier to obtain temp work if I had a car. So then the cycle begins: I need a car to get a job, but in order to buy a car, I need a job. *sigh* But now I feel better after acing two interviews. The next step is more interviews, finding a temp job, and trying to move to NYC. I’m done with Florida.

Job hunting 101

I hate looking for a job. I absolutely hate it. I have done everything, worked everywhere, you name it, I’ve done it. So after I come across something, send my resume, and then receive a screened phone call, I get bored. I ask questions, I state my strengths and weaknesses, blah blah blah. The whole process is frustrating. And because I am working with domestic placement agencies, it’s even slower. These people are lazy and they don’t pick up their phone. Ugh. There is nothing going on in FL so I may have to fly to NYC to interview for some jobs. I just want to work! I miss working, and having a purpose to my day. Now I look forward to watching What Not to Wear on Friday nights…depressing.

I’ve been sacked!

An era has come to an end. The hotel has closed for renovations. Let me back track…we were operating while construction was going on for months. With only two bars open and an exceptionally small seating and dancing area, a lot of the staff was not making money. We had numerous complaints about the portable toilets, reduced entertainment area, and general dissatisfaction with the property. Translation: the port-a-pottys were nasty, the dance floor and the amount of tables were awful, and there was too much dust, debris and cockroaches! So health code compliance closed us initially because of having an open grill without a permit. It soon snowballed to being open while under construction, safety issues and plumbing. The managers and administrative staff were let go first, and then the servers, bartenders, bussers, etc. At least we received severance pay, but I feel bad for the hourly employees because they got nothing. Everyone else is job hunting and working on their resumes while I lay in bed, suffering from Montezuma’s revenge. I got it when I was in England, but more on that in another post.

What’s New

So…what’s new? Well, this site for once. I have been working as a manager at a popular hot spot in South Beach for some time now. I work long days, and even longer nights. On my days off, I sleep, do laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning. Hence, the need to do something while lying in bed prompted me to update my site. And also, since I sometimes frustrate my friends with my complaints about work, I should write them here. More to come…

The house is a no-go

I know, I have been gone a long time.  And I didn’t get the house.  The owners didn’t want to do the work that the FHA inspector wanted done. So I am back to square one. I have been looking at houses every week, and no luck. And I can afford a big chunk of change for a house, so why is this so hard?  I have no idea. So I am giving it another month or so and then decide if I want to move out of state or not.  Anyway, something has come up and I just don’t know how to address it.  Feel free to email me if you have any thoughts on the matter. In other news, work is busy, and the part time job is bringing in the dough.

California, here I come

Long time no see. I work seven days a week and I am really focusing on buying a house.  The one that I wanted would be a money pit, so I am looking for something that doesn’t need so much work; less structural, more cosmetic.  But soon, I will be relaxing in beautiful Los Angeles. Oh yes, I am going by myself.  I don’t want to talk to anyone, meet anyone or see anyone.  I am going to the beach, I will do some shopping, and I will check out some good eats.  My co-workers were making fun of me because I am staying at some shee shee fru fru hotel.