Updates galore

I got a job again…finally.   I’m working at a nice boutique hotel AND I will start my retail job soon. Yes, I have two jobs.  I’m already tired with the hotel job, I don’t even want to know what will happen when the second job starts.  But I’m happy to be working.  In other news, the drain to my tub is clogged.  I have emptied two containers of fake Draino into it.  I called Roto Rooter and they wanted to charge me $239 to clear the clog.  I said that was unbelivably high.  The technician went back to his truck to “see how low he could go” and returned with a price of $150.  Oh hell no.  I’m going to do some research and figure it out myself. Until then, it’s a whore’s bath for Shenae.

La Casa De La Cucaracha

Now it has been confirmed that someone up there does not like me. I was relaxing after a nice night out with my friend Sunnie. We had a beer and saw Sweeney Todd at the movie theater. Excellent show. But back to the lecture at hand; I was watching tv with both my cats on the bed. First, Diablo jumps up, and then Mufasa meows. Just as I utter the words, “What the french toast?” a gigantic cockroach flew on to my arm. I screamed, trying to swat it off my bed, and as expected, it crawled underneath the boxspring. I sprayed every surface around the bed and wondered what to do. My first apartment here in South Beach was a dump (but was cheap as hell) and had a very bad pest problem, to the point that one day after washing my hair, I turned on my hair dryer and a cockroach flew out of it. I selected this second apartment because it looked clean and well kept. Well, I was wrong. I found a couple of critters when it rained a few weeks after I moved in. I haven’t seen any of them until now. And this was a full on assault. I screamed as I called my best friend and waited for it to come out. It did and I sprayed it for about 5 minutes before the little fucker died. I was pissed. I am sick of cockroaches. I am tired of not getting my mail for days or the trash not being emptied because the landlord has locked the side gate. I deserve so much better and I’m still doing penance for a sin I didn’t commit. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

The cleanliest of cleanliest

Let me sing the praises of the Black and Decker Scrubber Buddy: I have never, EVER seen my tub look so clean.  I am sure the last time it was that clean was when I moved into my house!  It sparkled.  It shined. It was so easy to use the damn thing.  I could see my reflection.  I was afraid to take a shower today because I didn’t want to mess up the good thing I had going.  It inspired me to clean my toilet, sink and mirror.  I had to get the rest of the room up to the same level as the tub!  You would freak out if you saw it.

I choose sleep

In case you haven’t noticed, I have been working at both jobs every day this week.  I had a choice of posting or sleeping, so I chose sleeping. I am surviving on lots of caffeine, water and fast food.  And yes, my house is a mess.  My friend Tina bought me gifts from Nawlins, I mean New Orleans.  She gave me a little book of recipes and a pot holder.  She also got me a voodoo doll to vent my frustrations.  Very appropriate.  I am going to NY this weekend to visit my grandfather in the hospital.  I am sure you all will miss me.

It’s official, I’m a singleton

I had a very relaxing and organized weekend.  Friday night, I went food shopping and saved eight dollars in coupons.  I made some crab cakes and watched the movie A Knight’s Tale.  On Saturday, I vacuumed, mopped the kitchen floor, did a tremendous amount of laundry, organized my kitchen cabinets, cleaned the bathroom and changed the cat litter box.  I went to Blockbuster and picked up the movie Chocolat.  And my next door neighbor lent me Bridget Jones, so I watched that too.  Do you know what was really cool?  I was wearing my cute little tank and my cute drawstring “after work” pants from the Gap.  So of course I answer the door in them.  The pizza man was drooling.  I looked cuter than Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle and way cuter than Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On.  Yeah, I guess not wearing a bra helps the look.  But I digress…I saw an excellent movie tonight. In fact, I won free passes to it.  I went alone.  That’s another sad factor in my life.  But anyway, it’s called My First Mister.  Lelee Sobieski and Albert Brooks are in it.  Fabulous movie.  You have to see it.

Gee, not getting any?

I have been cleaning my house slowly but surely for the last few days. Did you know I was a slob? Oh yeah, big time. I just have to mop, clean my tub, do yet more laundry, vacuum my bedroom, and go through the piles of mail I have stacked in the living room. It’s a process that I do every few weeks because I let things slide. Since I started the second job, these few weeks have grown longer and longer. Don’t worry, I will still have time to bake cookies! I have been conversing with Brian about the lack of time thing and the creativity thing. He doesn’t know how talented he is and he suffers from my fear of running out of ideas. Sometimes we all just need reassurance. In other news, I agree with Brooklyn Kid in that not everyone is getting more sex after the terrorist attacks.

A bad, rainy day

I am going to clue you in on what a bad day is.  It can start at any time, and it can end at any time.  My bad day started when I fed Tina’s cats this morning.  I unlocked the door to discover a crap load of potpourri all over her living room and dining room floor. So, I was a little late to work today.  Actually, that wasn’t that bad.  Fast forward to walking home from work.  It was raining all weekend, so it was nice to be greeted with a nice, dry, semi-sunny day.  I was half way home when I felt a few drops.  I had my jacket and umbrella ready, thinking I would be home before it got bad, if it ever got bad. Oh, it got bad.  It was something similar to the great storms Noah’s Ark encountered.  I was expecting toads to fall out the sky.  The jacket and the umbrella did not help.  So, of course, I have to go back over to Tina’s to give the cats fresh water.  I took a shortcut and thought I would avoid the rivers of rainwater.  Oh no, Mother Nature had something else planned for me.  I get to Tina’s house, drenched.  My ass is wet and chaffed and I am completely soaked.  At Tina’s, I put my wet pants in the dryer and waited. I brushed the cats, played with the cats, gave them water and watched a little tv.  Did I mention that I did all the above in panties and a t-shirt in front of a large sliding glass door?  Oh yeah.  Everyone in all the condos could see my stuff.  Yes, I freaked out.