One Year and Counting…

I moved back to New York on July 29th last year.  There have been plenty of ups and downs, too many jobs,  more drama and not enough sex.  All I can say is that I am sure I have more social, cultural and romantic opportunities here than I did in Miami Beach. In fact, concerning the dating world, I’ve had more action in the year that I have been here than the five years I lived in Florida!  So now I’m renting a room with my friend from Miami and in a few months, we’re getting our own apartment.  After going back and forth between working in a restaurant kitchen and working as a private chef, I’ve decided that neither of those two options are the right fit for me. I have two interviews scheduled this week and I worked as an extra for a commercial.  I don’t feel stifled anymore. I feel like I can do whatever I want, whenever I want with whoever I want.  Faith…it’s a good thing.

New York City 4 – Shenae 0

I’ve been in New York for exactly one month and I am thoroughly fucked. After working three shifts at the store, the manager decided that I was not aggressive enough.  Wow. Really? I mean, really? My middle name is aggressive.  This prompted an all out interview bonanza.  I went through seven interviews the first week, and two this week.  Still nothing. Let me see: I went to culinary school and housekeeping school, and the agency sends me to interviews for housekeeper/cook or housekeeper positions.  Why do these families turn me down because I don’t have enough childcare experience? Seriously? I think it would help if they advertised for a nanny/housekeeper and not waste my time or their time.  Don’t get me started about apartment searching. The short-term rental company that I had contacted for a weekly room was busted for scamming people.  I had a sublet for two weeks but it was expensive.  I should have just waited and found a cheap room for rent.  My cats have moved around as much as I have.  They were in the car, in a kennel, at a pet sitter and now at a friend’s house…but not for long.  Mufasa and Diablo, the little heathens that they are, have been using her couch as a scratching post.  Now I have to find a place for them…until I find an apartment…and a job.  So yeah, I’m fucked.


Things you should know: I decided not to buy my apartment because I don’t qualify for a loan and I couldn’t afford it.  I was already annoyed that I didn’t have hot water for 13 days, so I just didn’t want to live here anymore.  I got a new apartment which is closer to both jobs.  Speaking of which, my hours were cut from Jobby Job #1, and even though I picked up more hours at Jobby Job #2, I’m still not making the money I used to make.

Things you shouldn’t know: I’ve been on some dates, been out with friends from work and other social activities.  I was hoping that my social life and dating life would improve, but it’s been up and down.  More on the dating aspect at another time.

So for now, I’m packing, I move next week.

My life sucks

I have finally come to terms with the fact that my life sucks.  I have a fraction of a social life. I am not even going to open that Pandora’s box I call my “dating situation.”  The second job is bringing in extra money, but not as much as I expected.  It has gotten to the point now where three people are sent home almost every shift.  The only thing that keeps me going is the faith that I will buy the Money Pit.  I talked to a home ownership counselor today.  If I don’t qualify for this first-time-home-buyer-special-loan thing, the following actions will take place: I will cry, yell, maim and kill everyone associated with the home buying process, including all the banks in the tri-state area.