All I Want for Christmas is….

My Christmas list goes something like this:

  • A modest, roach-free apartment on the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, or eff it, Greenwich Village
  • My babies! I miss my cats. Since I’ve been living the hobo life, my boys have been living the luxury life at a kennel. They get treats and fresh water twice a day, and they get brushed. I don’t know if they’ll be happy once I get them back.
  • A pair of warm boots.  Damn this New York winter…and the rain…and the snow.
  • Some longjohns….seriously…I moved from Florida to New York, so yeah, I’m cold.
  • A white iPhone 4, please.  I know it’s a myth, like the unicorn, or the Jonas Brothers’ virginity.  A girl can dream, can’t she?
  • Gerard Butler…I know, I’ve mentioned this before but please, if there is a Santa Claus, I’ve been a good girl, and I deserve a bad boy.

So fresh and so clean

I love Old Navy. I just got my order today. I love ribbed turtleneck sweaters and little tees. I look good in them. I am going to a happy hour at Geckos tonight. It’s because some people want to get out, but I am going to celebrate my kick ass review and raise. Oh yeah, I am in another tax bracket, baby! And yes, I will be sporting some of the new threads tonight.

We be shopping

I am still getting accustomed to my baby.  I have named him Lapdog and he is beautiful.  So now I have no choice but to make some changes.  Starting with this site.  Oh yes, it will be sweet.  Speaking of sweet,  I made some baked chicken with rosemary, honey and lemon tonight.  It was great with the long grain wild rice.  I also did some major cleaning at home, only because I am lame.  I did do some shopping at Arundel Mills, the new outlet mall here in Maryland.  Basically, Maryland sucks so this is what we look forward to for entertainment.  Anyway, my mom took me there and purchased an oh so lovely laptop case for my baby. It is from Wilsons Leather and it is sweet.  I snagged yet another laptop case from Eddie Bauer.  I know, I know, 2 cases, but one is waterproof.  I don’t want my baby to get sick!  Of course I went to the Gap and picked up 2 sweaters and I did get some leather gloves from Eddie Bauer.  So now I am going to take my lame ass to bed.