I’m obsessed

For the last three weeks, I’ve been obsessed with making an app for the phone. I’ve been researching what file goes where, and where to find the file, how to convert it, worst case scenarios and everything in between.  I watched The Social Network the other night and I can confirm that I sounded just like a nerdy crackhead.  I asked a few friends who are in IT and who have made apps and they are helping, but it looks like I will have to do most of it myself. Today’s horoscope was this:

The pressure to do something creative continues to build and you are motivated to take a risk to make something big happen. But instead of trying to shift gears and change into a production artist overnight, it may be to smarter now to fulfill your obligations and stick with your current course of action. You can always find ways to express your originality without turning your life upside down.

What…the…fuck? I don’t even know how to process that. Except now I know I have to go and buy some books to learn how to write code and put the thing together myself. It wouldn’t turn my life upside down, and since I would actually doing something, I wouldn’t sound like a crackhead, blabbing to my friends about it.  I still go to work, shower, try to pay bills.  So I decided I’m going to keep at it, but I’m going to ask for help.  And if it doesn’t work out, at least I tried.

Mo’ Money, No Problems

I got a new job, moved to a new apartment and my bank reimbursed me for the British Airways debacle.  But the best thing is that I am a few weeks away from purchasing a new Mac. I am going to order a super duper MacBook Pro. Oh I can’t wait. No more hitting the “i” and “o” buttons with all my strength in order for them to work. Did I mention that I’m getting a Blackberry? Oops, forgot about that one. No more phantom calls and I will get my txt messages on time, not 2 or 3 days after.  Life is sweet.

Soon to be an old lady

You noticed I was gone.  I know, it’s been a while.  I had to move, but I didn’t think moving would cause so many problems. First, my local phone company sucks.  They just suck. They delay the order and then they cancel it.  I was without internet access for days!  The bastards.  And now in my lovely old house, I have an extended family of snails.  Yes, you are not going crazy, I said snails.  Each night, a little bugger visits myself and the cats.  Very gross.  I am so far from being unpacked. I still have cups and miscellaneous stuff at my old house!  My cats freaked out about the spiral staircase.  They were both afraid to climb up the stairs.  Mufasa would meow and then go up one step and then meow again and go up another step.  It was funny.  So I will be unpacking and getting myself together before the big birthday, which is Sunday.  I know, I am not 30 yet, but this is the last year that I can say I am in my 20’s.  I am going to cry.

I *heart* Brett Ratner

Yesterday I chatted with Brett Ratner, the director for Rush Hour, Family Man, and Rush Hour 2 on Eonline’s Film School 2001.  He also did a lot of music videos too.  It was so cool!  He answered two of my questions. I will die a happy woman now.

Contemplating new purchases

Man oh man has this week been busy!  My printer is working fine.  I absolutely love it.  My next acquisition will be a web cam.  I want people to watch me sleep!  Actually, I want to spy on my cats when I am at work.  Work has been too much.  It has gotten to the point where I actually work.  But I have an announcement to make: apparently my friend wants to “take the web page to the next level,” so very soon I will no longer be the web chick for Devon’s web site.  It’s so hard to let my baby go, but I have to work on this site and finish my screenplays.  Speaking of screenplays, I have had the worst time formatting my pages.  I think this is why people run out and buy those $400 screen writing programs.

Flash is hard

Oh my goodness I am sooooooo up to my knees in Flash!!!  It’s going to be it or me.  I contemplated throwing my lapdog out the window I am so frustrated.  A simple thing like loading a text file has turned into a saga.  Well, there can only be one…

We be shopping

I am still getting accustomed to my baby.  I have named him Lapdog and he is beautiful.  So now I have no choice but to make some changes.  Starting with this site.  Oh yes, it will be sweet.  Speaking of sweet,  I made some baked chicken with rosemary, honey and lemon tonight.  It was great with the long grain wild rice.  I also did some major cleaning at home, only because I am lame.  I did do some shopping at Arundel Mills, the new outlet mall here in Maryland.  Basically, Maryland sucks so this is what we look forward to for entertainment.  Anyway, my mom took me there and purchased an oh so lovely laptop case for my baby. It is from Wilsons Leather and it is sweet.  I snagged yet another laptop case from Eddie Bauer.  I know, I know, 2 cases, but one is waterproof.  I don’t want my baby to get sick!  Of course I went to the Gap and picked up 2 sweaters and I did get some leather gloves from Eddie Bauer.  So now I am going to take my lame ass to bed.

New delivery

And there was much rejoicing!!  After approximately a week and a half of bitching and moaning about UPS not delivering on weekends, I have finally received my laptop.  My sweet, sweet Sony Vaio arrived at work today and everyone was amazed.  It is very light, has all the software I want pre-loaded, and yes guys, size does matter.  I am talking about 15 inches of screen, my naughty elves.  It is beautiful, and I shall name him, Lapdog.