Skype for the masses

I love Skype.  I have been using Skype since 2005. I have called England, Sweden, France, and have even had a home phone number through them.  So imagine my surprise when Oprah started using it on her show.  I almost spilled my drink.  Someone Skypes from their living room or hotel room to her studio on almost every episode of her show since earlier this year.  What gives?  And now everyone is all on it like white on rice.  I’m just stating, for the record, that I’ve been using it since May 2005.  That’s right, Oprah, I was first. Here is some more info about Skype.

The 2008 Emmys

I was ecstatic that Glenn Close won the Best Actress award for Damages.  I was surprised but very happy that Bryan Cranston won the Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Breaking Bad.  This show is deliciously devious, I mean how can a high school chemistry teacher become a drug dealer/manufacturer?  I love that show, in fact all the shows I love won: Mad Men, Damages, Pushing Daisies, Breaking Bad, 30 Rock and Samantha Who?, they all kicked butt.  I cannot say enough about Mad Men.  John Hamm is the man’s man, just walking sex in a suit and tie, smoking a cigarette.  If I ever write the weird yet funny stories of my life in a tv series, I’m going straight to AMC.

I love Martha Stewart

courtesy of MP Daily Fix

So Martha was all blogged out today for her show.  She had my two favorite bloggers, Perez Hilton and Matt Armendariz.  It was an entire show about blogging and it was fantastic.  These people make a chunk of change from their blogs.  It’s funny because Perez started his site in 2004…err actually, that’s not funny because if I started my blog in 2000, I should be making as much dough as him.  *sighs*

I *heart* Russell Brand

courtesy of The Sun

courtesy of The Sun

I am seriously crushing on Russell Brand.  I think he is brilliant and hilarious. He hosted the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday and it was hysterical.  I loved his jokes about purity rings.  I nearly peed my pants when he talked about Palin’s future grandbaby as a “PR stunt.”  He called President Bush a retarded cowboy and I started to cry.  This man was so funny in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Whenever he is on the Tonight Show, he goes on rants about how Jay Leno wants to make him a little brother or sister with his mother.  Here are some linky links:

  • The London Telegraph has this article on whether or not his appearance will boost his career.
  • Entertainment Weekly asked readers to post comments on his performance.
  • A little ditty on his next movie with Adam Sandler.
  • Russell Brand’s MySpace page, and yes, I’m a friend.

Shenae Grimes

this is the not interesting Shenae

I’ve owned since 1999. That’s almost 10 years, coming up in October. I have a unique name. It’s true, but I have spent years trying to escape it. After Martin Lawrence created the character Shenae-nae for his television show, I hated my name even more. There was a time when I told people to call me Nae, short for Renae or some crap like that. That lasted for about 5 years. Then I met that damn drummer, who liked my name, so I accepted my fate and went by my real name. So imagine my surprise when an up and coming actress shares my name, exact spelling and all. Shenae Grimes is popular in Canada after doing the new version of the tv show Degrassi Junior High but now she has hit pay dirt with the new 90210 series as the new Brenda. I saw dollar signs, lots of them. After some serious research, I contacted both her agents about purchasing Nope, the stick figure with no soul is not interested. Well now what? Sell it to porn? I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it any more!

2008 Oscars

The Oscars were awesome last night. Jon Stewart was a wonderful host, especially when he gave the winner of Best Song extra time to make her speech. I love how the top awards went to foreigners and no Americans. There were some awards that I would like to personally give, you know, for fun, so here they are:

Best Baby Bump: Cate Blanchett. She looked like she was carrying JLo’s kids plus here own! She is not due for another few weeks but since this is her third kid, she ballooned up like Kirstie Alley. She was hot in the dress. Mad props to her.

Best Reason to Learn a Foreign Language: Javier Bardem. My goodness, is this man humble, talented and drop dead gorgeous. And I want to learn spanish.

Best Impersonation of a Bag Lady: Tilda Swinton. Come on, Tilda. Step your game up. I loved her in the movie Orlando, I haven’t seen Michael Clayton yet, but damn, it’s the Oscars. She has an amazing body yet she decides to steal a dress from some homeless person and pair it with nice jewelry. What gives?

Best Adaptation: Sarah Lawson. Yep, she turned George Clooney to mush, to the point that they go everywhere together, moved in together and attend awards ceremonies together. Women are pondering the idea of becoming a Las Vegas cocktail waitress to snag a Clooney. Come on, I’ve thought about it. Cocktail waitresses across the country are mesmerized by the fact that she adapted the supreme sample of all mankind into monogamy. You lucky bitch, you.

Best Oscar Snub: Whoopi Goldberg. She hosted the Oscars 4 times, is one of a select few who has won an Oscar, a Tony, a Grammy and an Emmy, yet she had one spot in the Oscars montage. That’s jacked up. She was a pioneer before Oprah, before Halle, before Denzel.

Best WTF Moment: tied between Mylie Cyrus and Gary Busey. Why the heck was Mylie Cyrus invited to the Oscars? For the ratings? Look, she’s a great gal and her tv show is great (yes I’ve seen it, not bad) but she has nothing to do with the Oscars. Gary Busey kissed Jennifer Garner (and it looked liked he was holding on to her too long) on the red carpet. He interrupted Ryan Seacrest’s interview with Garner and Laura Linney and kissed both of them. It was as creepy as my boy Bardem in No Country for Old Men. The look on Garner’s face was a mix of surprise and disgust. Classic!

Be a crackhead…Win a Grammy

via MSN and Getty images

Well I guess it’s no surprise that Amy Winehouse won several Grammys tonight. Her performance was okay, and I don’t know what she was doing with her hands, let alone her dancing. It looked like she had to go to the bathroom. Let me get this straight; she is blessed with a beautiful talent, works hard, gets a record deal, then goes on tour, drinks alot, smokes some stuff, releases another album, has a hit about not going to rehab, gets married, smokes some crack, actually goes to rehab and then wins several Grammys. Things that make you go “Hmmm…”

The Writers’ Strike

I haven’t written anything about the writers’ strike because it hasn’t really affected me. Imagine my face when it was announced that the Golden Globes ceremony is cancelled. This awards ceremony, the Emmys and the Oscar are what I live for each year. I am a movie fanatic and a TV freak, so I was devastated. When the Oscar nominations are announced, I try to see all the movies on the list, and then I make my own betting card. I know, it’s a sickness that I can’t explain. I haven’t done this for three years because I was working so many hours and didn’t have time. Now that I have a job with normal hours, I can walk to the movie theater and get my film on. Do you know what’s even better? Free popcorn on Tuesday nights.  But back to the lecture at hand; I think the studios should cut them a check as back pay and then give them 3% to 5% of royalties from internet, dvd, etc. from this point forward.  Actors get a percentage of royalties from new media sales written into their contract.  The same consideration should be given to writers, after all, it’s their ideas brought to fruition by the producers, actors, crew, etc.  And hurry up with the negotiations.  I don’t want my Oscars to bite the dust.

Oprah gave away refrigerators!

the pimped out fridge

Oh my gravy, the Oprah’s Favorite Things show was crazy. She gave away LG refrigerators! I would have lost my mind if I was in the audience. And LG is having them installed and will donate their old fridges to charity. Is there nothing this woman can’t do?

In other news, nothing is going on with the job situation. In fact, I am sick of talking, let alone complaining about it any more.  I am still applying for things and following up on a few leads.  I pray that I will find something soon.  Scratch that, I know I will find something soon.