I’m obsessed

For the last three weeks, I’ve been obsessed with making an app for the phone. I’ve been researching what file goes where, and where to find the file, how to convert it, worst case scenarios and everything in between.  I watched The Social Network the other night and I can confirm that I sounded just like a nerdy crackhead.  I asked a few friends who are in IT and who have made apps and they are helping, but it looks like I will have to do most of it myself. Today’s horoscope was this:

The pressure to do something creative continues to build and you are motivated to take a risk to make something big happen. But instead of trying to shift gears and change into a production artist overnight, it may be to smarter now to fulfill your obligations and stick with your current course of action. You can always find ways to express your originality without turning your life upside down.

What…the…fuck? I don’t even know how to process that. Except now I know I have to go and buy some books to learn how to write code and put the thing together myself. It wouldn’t turn my life upside down, and since I would actually doing something, I wouldn’t sound like a crackhead, blabbing to my friends about it.  I still go to work, shower, try to pay bills.  So I decided I’m going to keep at it, but I’m going to ask for help.  And if it doesn’t work out, at least I tried.

Tweet This…

I have been on MySpace since 2004 and FaceBook since 2005.  And now I rule because I have been on Twitter since 2007.  Oh yeah, check yourself before you wreck yourself, I am on top of many a trend, before Oprah, before Ashton Kutcher, there was Achixanthem.  I have incorporated my Twitter feeds in the handy dandy side bar on this site.  I love Twitter! It’s so fast, so easy, so gratifying.  For those of you under a rock, here is some info on all that is Twitter.

Shenae Grimes

this is the not interesting Shenae

I’ve owned shenae.com since 1999. That’s almost 10 years, coming up in October. I have a unique name. It’s true, but I have spent years trying to escape it. After Martin Lawrence created the character Shenae-nae for his television show, I hated my name even more. There was a time when I told people to call me Nae, short for Renae or some crap like that. That lasted for about 5 years. Then I met that damn drummer, who liked my name, so I accepted my fate and went by my real name. So imagine my surprise when an up and coming actress shares my name, exact spelling and all. Shenae Grimes is popular in Canada after doing the new version of the tv show Degrassi Junior High but now she has hit pay dirt with the new 90210 series as the new Brenda. I saw dollar signs, lots of them. After some serious research, I contacted both her agents about purchasing shenae.com. Nope, the stick figure with no soul is not interested. Well now what? Sell it to porn? I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it any more!

Sex + Going Green = No Way!

I love the earth. I like to recycle and I am all for going green. When I become financially stable (and actually have a job) I will buy a hybrid car. But seriously, Treehugger.com has gone too far. This morning, MSN displayed an article about going green with your sex life. I was curious so I read the article. There were so many ideas that were way out there, and I spotted several spelling and grammar mistakes. When I checked the article before writing this post, the mistakes were corrected. But I’m smarter than the average bear, so I found the original article from the treehugger website, and it still had the errors. I love the net! I liked the alternatives for personal grooming, and the links to get eco-friendly sex toys. Yeah, I didn’t know they existed either. Besides the fact that the author has no idea how to use the spellcheck feature, he actually thinks unprotected sex is better for the environment.

If you have a steady partner and you’ve both been tested for STDs, the pill is an option that can cut out the condom waste. Be aware that there are rising concerns about the hormones from birth control pills ending up in waterways and having serious effects on wildlife, both from pills flushed down the toilet, and from women’s urine.

Oh yes, he did just say that. But wait, it gets better…

Of course the biggest ecological impact resulting from sex is a baby. Human population is arguably the most threatening force on Earth, and with human population expected to reach 8.3 billion by 2030, reproducing is perhaps the largest impact any of us have.

I’m confused. Should I not pee if I’m on the pill, and if I am dating someone exclusively, we don’t have to use condoms, right? Unbelievable. This is the most unreliable and unrealistic advice that I have ever heard. Listen, keep using condoms, don’t flush them when you’re done and stay on the pill until you’re ready to have kids.

Post V-day

I know, you haven’t heard from me in a while. I switched companies for my domain name and instead of being a smooth transition, it turned out to be a mess that lasted a few days with no service. It sucked. Anyway, I had an uneventful V-Day. I ate a lot of chocolate, in fact, I was jacked up on chocolate. I was in New York this weekend visiting family. I took my cousin to see that Britney Spears movie “Crossroads.” It wasn’t that bad, and Britney is not a bad actress…she was awful. Well, she is not as bad an actor as Cindy Crawford or Master P. It doesn’t matter because during the first five minutes of the movie, she is dancing and singing in her underwear. And twenty minutes later, she is in a pink bra and panties. Boys across the world will pay any amount of money to see that on the big screen.

The real working girl

So, I did it. I am interviewing with a well known restaurant chain about working as a waitress on Thursday.  I will be surrounded by tourists who will ask me every day “Where is the Aquarium? Where’s the ESPN Zone? Where’s a good bar?”  It sucks but it will all be worth it because I will make extra funds for my future home.  At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself when I start to freak out.  In other news, I am adding more pages to this site.  It is pretty boring now, so to all the people who keep asking where the kitty cam is and where’s the beef, I apologize.  It will be here soon.

I *heart* Brett Ratner

Yesterday I chatted with Brett Ratner, the director for Rush Hour, Family Man, and Rush Hour 2 on Eonline’s Film School 2001.  He also did a lot of music videos too.  It was so cool!  He answered two of my questions. I will die a happy woman now.

Change is gonna come

In case you haven’t noticed, my web site has changed!  Oh my goodness! What will happen next?!?!  Look forward to flipbooks, more pessimism, and other stuff in my bag of tricks.