Getting all buffed up

The Happy Hour Party was great on Friday, but mostly because Jeff (aka Mr. UPS) was there. On Saturday, we headed to Asahi Sushi and it was awesome. Lisa was there and it was cool just to hang and eat.  I stuffed myself with all kinds of rolls, gyoza, and tempura.  Then we went to 723 to burn it off.  It was cool. I got the Weider gym on Sunday and I must say, it is a big mofo.  I had to move the spare twin bed to the other side of the room, move the desk where the bed was, and set up the gym literally in the middle of the room. Soon I will be looking all buffed…

Miss Popularity

I am heading to yet another Happy Hour Party. However did I become so popular?  It must be all the free parties that I have been throwing. On Saturday I am going to Asahi Sushi to stuff my face with the good stuff. Lisa will be there with her man Brandon.  Then I am heading to 723 to hang with my girl Robin and her man Eric for their one year anniversary. It shall be cool.  This woman at work posted a free Wieder weight press on the general email bulletin board.  I called, and she is actually going to deliver it to my house in exchange for a $25 Blockbuster gift certificate.  What a deal!

San Francisco

My people, my people, I need some help.  If anyone knows any hot spots in San Francisco, please email the info to me.  I need to find a good sushi place (I was thinking Ebisu) and a decent priced, clean hotel. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

Always the bridesmaid

I had a great weekend.  I started off with Margaritas and steak fajitas with my mom at Lista’s in Fell’s Point.  On Saturday, I helped her move a futon, frame and new chair to her place.  Then we moved a twin bed, frame, rocking chair, toy chest and plastic outdoor table to my place.  I was tired.  Then I went to David’s Bridal Store with my friend Amy to look at bridesmaids dresses and her wedding gown.  We both looked good!

So desu, ne

I had an awesome weekend.  On Thursday, I went to the Gin Mill for some $1.25 drafts and $2.50 burgers.  Then Matt and I headed to Have a Nice Day Cafe because one of my friends, Leslie, had a Happy Hour party.  There was free beer and I met a cool Swedish guy, so I was in heaven.  I spent nine bucks.  On Friday,  Leslie’s boyfriend, Manny, had a Happy Hour party at the same place.  This time there was free food, free beer and everything else behind the bar was $2. A bunch of us headed to 723 because they had 25 cent beers until 11pm.  That night I only spent 8 bucks.  On Saturday, I spent some quality time with my buddy Geoff.  I made some smoked sausage and rice, and we drank beer.  After watching two football games, we consumed a substantial amount of beer playing the Iron Chef drinking game.  The rules we have established so far:  each time Ottawa says “Fukui-san,” you must drink.  Every time Ottawa is correct in guessing the ingredients, you must drink.  And each time the “actress” says something like “Oh the texture” or “Oh the pretty colors” or just “Oh,” you must drink. Yeah, this game will make you go through a lot of beers.  It was fun.

Everyone showed up

My party at BAR was cool. A whole crap load of people showed up before I did.  I have not taken the hair time factor into consideration just yet.  I miss my braids.  On the upside, my do is cool.  I had a great time stuffing my face with deep dish pizza from Pizzeria Uno’s on Saturday.  I surprised Heather.  Roger, her husband, and I planned the shin dig, and we met with more people at Have A Nice Day Cafe.  It was cool.