Sooo desu, ne!

I am really digging New York City.  I have already gone through the hazing: suffered riding a train with no a/c, waiting in a hot subway station for a delayed train and getting lost.  So many of the restaurants  and bars that I have heard of (Momofuku, d.b.a, Veselka) are around the apartment where I’m staying. And I’m not going to lie, the East Village is like and asian fantasyland for me.  There are too many good-looking japanese, chinese and korean men here.  In fact, there is a shitload of nerdy-sexy, dirty-sexy, and ugly-sexy men everywhere.  My vajay-jay is going to spontaneously combust. If only I could stay here longer.  Finding an apartment is the most difficult task especially when you can’t afford to live where you want to live.  I’m trying to stay positive and concentrate on finding a place — damn, he is FINE, I gotta have me some of that, where’s the fire? I’m sorry, what was I saying?

You Sleep When You’re Dead

I was working two jobs since October 2008. I…was…exhausted. I would rather go home, enjoy a glass of wine, and sleep than go out with friends, or even a date.  I mean, I’m somewhat optimistic about dating. So beginning January 27, 2010, I went 2 months with one job.  I was freaking out.  I had the time but not enough money to do some of the things I wanted to do.  But then the gods smiled on me and granted me a job at a lovely clothing company, allowing me a major discount on most frocks you would find in magazines.  The only catch? It’s at night, setting up the displays. Ooooh.  I ended up working for 20 hours between both jobs…in one day.  I was beyond tired, I was hallucinating and having conversations with myself.  I was off for the next 3 days from both jobs, and after that time off, I was happy.  What is wrong with me?


Things you should know: I decided not to buy my apartment because I don’t qualify for a loan and I couldn’t afford it.  I was already annoyed that I didn’t have hot water for 13 days, so I just didn’t want to live here anymore.  I got a new apartment which is closer to both jobs.  Speaking of which, my hours were cut from Jobby Job #1, and even though I picked up more hours at Jobby Job #2, I’m still not making the money I used to make.

Things you shouldn’t know: I’ve been on some dates, been out with friends from work and other social activities.  I was hoping that my social life and dating life would improve, but it’s been up and down.  More on the dating aspect at another time.

So for now, I’m packing, I move next week.

Tweet This…

I have been on MySpace since 2004 and FaceBook since 2005.  And now I rule because I have been on Twitter since 2007.  Oh yeah, check yourself before you wreck yourself, I am on top of many a trend, before Oprah, before Ashton Kutcher, there was Achixanthem.  I have incorporated my Twitter feeds in the handy dandy side bar on this site.  I love Twitter! It’s so fast, so easy, so gratifying.  For those of you under a rock, here is some info on all that is Twitter.

Shenae version 3.6

I am 36 today.  I can’t believe I made it this far.   I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything yet.  I feel like there should be something more, rather, that I should be something more. So I’m making some changes and I’m just going to do what I want to do.  Stressing out doesn’t work.  Trying to push things through, doesn’t work. I’m just going to be focused and relaxed and be the best Shenae that I can be.

And yes, I still look fabulous!

Eating Contests 101

I was in a mini-burger eating contest on Monday.  I thought that since the grand prize money was $500 and I had nothing to loose.  Besides, even if I didn’t win, I still get a free lunch!  Of course I was the only woman in the contest.  I was nervous and hungry.  I ate nine burgers and felt like ass.  There were 2 other guys who managed to scarf down eight burgers.  I was happy I beat someone.  The winner ate 14 burgers and proceeded to throw up in the bathroom before accepting the award.  Instead of throwing up, I drank a few beers after the contest.  Let’s face it, that was a free lunch as far as I’m concerned.

@ the movies: No Country for Old Men

Wow.  This film is a stunning account of moral extremes.  Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin  were amazing.  Javier Bardem is wonderfully creepy, cold-hearted, and precise.   For a while,  it was almost like these three characters were symbolic of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, respectively.  Jones’ role of the sheriff was restrained but so knowledgeable.  Brolin was bold yet restrained, and smart but somewhat naive.  And Bardem was just plain spooky.  This man had killing down to a science.  It was an excellent film, although the ending reminded me of the Sopranos finale.  The movie deserved all its accolades.

Super Duper Tuesday

I have been looking forward to Super Tuesday. I felt awful after Bush was elected, and even worse when he was re-elected.  I believe that this country needs a change…and national healthcare.  The newscasts avoid using the word “recession” but this has got to stop.  We are in a recession, no one wants to admit it.  And this will affect every market until it’s fixed. I don’t have the answers for our screwed up economy, let alone the faith in our country.   If I could pull a reverse Craig Ferguson, I would.  At least I would get some health insurance…and all the fish and chips I want.


She does not look like my BFF!!

A few weeks ago, I dreamed I was with my best friend, going to some kind of fancy soirée. We walked to her car, and when I turned to her to say something, she morphed into Eva Longoria (wearing the dress, shoes, and having luminous hair as in the picture above). Now, I have nothing against Eva, but my friend is already fantabulous and beautiful. We are in the car, taking turns driving, and both of us are getting tired. I ask her to take over driving, she does, and a few minutes later, the car starts to swerve. I catch her sleeping, and I start shaking her to wake her up. Folks, I shook her so hard that I woke myself up shaking a pillow and yelling her name. Weird. My most recent dream that had me wondering if I should take a mental health vacation was a few nights ago. I dreamed that I was looking at apartments with a realtor. I looked at a huge apartment with two outdoor spaces and another apartment that had 4 bedrooms and 3 kitchens. I was really excited about having 3 kitchens and this apartment had one decent-sized patio, plus the rent was $1000/month. I was going to make my decision but then commercials came on. It was kind of like the tv show House Hunters, only I was in it. I was curious about the meaning of this last dream, so I checked out MSN’s Dream Dictionary, and this is what I found:

1. Dreaming of a small and cramped apartment implies times ahead where you will have to work hard and persevere in order to have the lifestyle you want.
2. A large apartment, on the other hand, indicates prosperity and luxury ahead.

Interesting. I need all the prosperity and luxury I can get.


I had my first grand jury session on Friday.  It’s like Vegas, what happens in session, stays in session, so I will not disclose any info.  I will say this: I was elected to be the secretary.  I actually said that I would be falling asleep in front of everyone and they should reconsider the appointment.  That didn’t work, so I’m stuck.  The room is as cold as Wisconsin, which prompts me to want to sleep.   Then the attorneys start quoting from the civil code book and I am definitely in sleepy deepy land.  Other than the fact that I have to outline everything the jury does, the boring legalese and chill factor, grand jury duty is not so bad.  One of the jurors works near me, so instead of taking the bus, she is picking me up.  Nice.  I arranged to have Fridays off from work, but if it is really busy, I will come in after jury duty.