TV fanatic

What a weekend! I had drinks at Gecko’s on Friday night. Then we went to this fabulous restaurant named Josephine’s for dinner. And I had to close the night at the Gin Mill. I baked a crap load of cookies for Manny and Leslie’s party on Saturday. There was enough food there to feed the nation! You haven’t lived until you have practiced eating a hot wing and drinking a beer while dancing to the Smiths. On Sunday, the Emmys were on, finally! I was soooooo happy for Sex and the City, the Sopranos, Malcolm in the Middle and for Will and Grace. I love those shows. I should have been packing and cleaning, since I am moving in exactly one week, but I am lazy. I also cooked up a storm, making meatloaf and a one dish chicken bake. I rule.

New Yawk

I am back from a refreshing trip to NY.  I miss NY.  My grandfather is in better spirits and is in a nice rehab home in Queens. He eats better than me!  I hung out at Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe with my mom and uncle.  We drank mojitos and stuffed ourselves with seafood.  It was a good time.  Then I came home to the hectic schedule of two jobs and no life.  I did hit the bar with Tina and Dennis on Sunday night, but I was in bed by 11pm.  By the way,  I did get a place that is near me and the rent is way cheaper.  I move in on November 10th.

Always the hot bridesmaid

I misplaced or just plain lost my passport on Friday.  That totally sucks.  I was in a wedding this Saturday.  I was the hot bridesmaid.  It was cool.  I was dancing up a storm at the reception. Then we all went to Amy’s house, changed and went to two clubs. We danced and drank all night. I got home at 6:30 am on Sunday.  I searched my living room for my passport also and it’s not there.  I checked at work today and no one has turned in anything.  I am going to totally clean my entire house tonight to make sure it is not there.  Then I will most likely cry like a baby and cough up the cash to get a replacement.  I feel like the lamest person in the world right now.


I had a very exciting Happy Hour Party on Friday. Got completely smashed.  I know, you’ve heard it before.  But seriously, don’t laugh, I met a guy named, well, in the spirit of Sex in the City, we’ll call him Country. Yes he’s bald!  I will not give all the info, let’s just say he is a very nice guy.

Spring fling

I had an interesting weekend filled with, yes, that’s right, drinking.  Lucky for me I have that spare liver in the fridge!  If I never see Tuaca again, it would not be soon enough. I went to the Johns Hopkins University Spring Fair.  There was a lot of beer there.  We had too good of a time.  I forgot to mention that I bought tickets last Monday for the HFStival at the crappy RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. Of course I bought tickets for both days!  I want to relive my Woodstock experience.

I spent an exciting weekend unbraiding my hair.  I watched the following movies:  Shanghai Noon, Magnolia, The Princess Bride, Shakespeare in Love, and The Grifters.  Yes, it took me the entire weekend!  I did manage to get smashed at yet another happy hour party.  You know you have been to a bar too many times when the bartenders remember the last shot you had the last time you were there.  Not good. Don’t worry, I managed to sleep most of it off.  I did watch Ally McBeal last night.  Man was it funny.  I love that show.

TGI Monday

I hope your Easter was as filled with joy and lots of food as mine. I ate enough for six people.  Enough nice stuff.  Let’s talk about my drunken stupor at the happy hour party on Friday.  I was still a little pissed about the Champ not calling me or giving me an explanation for last weekend.  In fact, he emailed me on Wednesday, acting like nothing was wrong.  Don’t worry, I let him have it and have not talked to him since.  But after three fishbowls of liquor, three shots, and a truck load of beer, I was feeling good. I danced the night away.  I think I gave my card to some hot guy, but I can’t remember if it was a good thing or a bad thing to do.  I wasn’t even thinking about getting a pen.  Talk about being drunk!  Saturday was wonderful because the weather was awesome. I wore shorts!  I walked my neighbor’s dog for about an hour and a half.  It was cool.  I cannot wait until summer is in full effect.

What’s in a name?

I have been on this soup and sandwich kick for the past few days.  It’s weird.  Last week I had this craving for hot sauce and put it on everything!  Strange.  It’s Burger Nite at The Gin Mill.  They have $1.50 drafts and burgers with fries for about $3. I am meeting some friends from work and The Champ.  Yes, he actually prefers to be called The Champ.  Have you noticed that I never come out and say the names of guys I date?  It’s like Sex and the City with Mr. Big, or Big.  What is his real fucking name??!!??

I’m not an alcoholic, I just play one on tv

I know, I know, you have nothing to read since I am not posting. I have good news: The Norwegian is safe and bored as hell in Norway. I got a wake up call at 6:46 am this morning from him. He says there are no parties happening and work is very busy. This is a good thing. He will most likely realize that Norway sucks and America rules when it comes to partying. Of course I drank myself into a stupor at my happy hour party on Friday and while watching the Terps beat the shit out of Stanford on Saturday. That’s okay, I had that back-up liver in the fridge.

I need rehab

I partied like a rockstar this weekend.  I am surprised I am still alive.  I went to the Auto Show with Tina from work.  I am positive I will purchase a VW beetle.  Then we headed to the Dead End, a bar in Fell’s Point.  I ate the chicken tenders and fries while sucking down 2 big bomber bottles of beer.  There we met some cool Harley enthusiasts, The Norwegian and David.  Tina and I headed to Fell’s Point Cafe and scarfed down a drink there.  Then we headed to the Cat’s Eye Pub and met up with the fellows.  We had a few drinks there and stumbled over to Tina’s for more partying.  David has a boat, and food, so we stumbled there and drank more.  Yes, I still have a liver.  I got out of bed at about 3 pm the next day.  I was sober enough to watch the golden globes.  It was great to see my girl Sela Ward win again.