TV fanatic

What a weekend! I had drinks at Gecko’s on Friday night. Then we went to this fabulous restaurant named Josephine’s for dinner. And I had to close the night at the Gin Mill. I baked a crap load of cookies for Manny and Leslie’s party on Saturday. There was enough food there to feed the nation! You haven’t lived until you have practiced eating a hot wing and drinking a beer while dancing to the Smiths. On Sunday, the Emmys were on, finally! I was soooooo happy for Sex and the City, the Sopranos, Malcolm in the Middle and for Will and Grace. I love those shows. I should have been packing and cleaning, since I am moving in exactly one week, but I am lazy. I also cooked up a storm, making meatloaf and a one dish chicken bake. I rule.

Mr. Big was in town

Well I don’t know about you, but I had an exciting weekend.  My happy hour went very well on Friday.  It’s not good to wake up drunk, only to have a few hours to make yourself and your house look better than they already are and cook a fabulous meal!  My good friend Devon was in town.  I made salmon with mustard and dill sauce, long grain wild rice, and broccoli.  I am not going to go there with the deflated angel food cake.  It went well, and yes, my house was very clean!  Then we headed over to the show.  It was excellent.  I hung out for the after party, and no I did not drink too much.

And a hunting we will go

I am just letting you know, if you see a house you like and it is cheap, buy it.  Don’t hesitate.  It will be gone in four days, just as the house that I liked vanished.  I hate that.  Now I have to really hunt and peck for a house.  My arm has been twisted and I have to look in the obituaries for houses. This really sucks.  I hope it is really worth it like all my friends say it is. My gal pal Tina’s housewarming party was a smash.  I made chocolate chip cookies and two batches of sangria.  And yes, I drank alot of beer!

More snow to come

Friday wasn’t too exciting. I worked all day, by myself, holding down the fort. I ventured to the supermarket to pick up some things and cleaned my house. Very interesting stuff. Heather came to visit me on Saturday and we watched the first two boxing matches with some buddies before rolling to Fell’s Point Cafe. I was supposed to meet the Norwegian at Cat’s Eye pub, but parking was a bitch, so I was late. I picked him up at the boat and we caught up with Heather. It was a good night for drinking and flashing. Our bill was four dollars! On Sunday, the Norwegian was hung over so I let him sleep while I watched some cable. Then we picked up salmon, some wine, chips, and two movies. I made my ever-so-lovely salmon with mustard dill sauce, long grain wild rice, and steamed broccoli. Once again there was a snowstorm warning, so I could not pick up eggs to make chocolate chip cookies. This is the third time we have had a warning in the last 30 days, and I don’t know where all the eggs went, but they were gone. If I was going to be stuck in my house for a snowstorm, I would stock up on liquor, condoms and frozen pizzas, not eggs. This is why I hate Maryland and the reason why I have to move to California. And my roof is leaking.

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a happy holiday.  I went to my mom’s house and ended up cooking.  Why did I think that I wouldn’t have to do any cooking at her house?  All the other times, she would tell me she was taking care of everything, I would come there, and nothing was done. Or she would call me before I left to pick up something because she doesn’t have any food.  Yes, my mom did cook for my sister and myself until I was in the third grade, but then I took over.  I even ironed her work clothes!  My sister and I became very independent at an early age.  But getting back to my mom and her lack of food products:  she has a huge pantry and there is no food in it.  She has a wonderful kitchen and never really uses the stove.  She microwaves everything or orders take out.  If I had a kitchen like that, I would make dinners that are on the same level as Emeril or Bobby Flay!  My kitchen is small now, but seriously, I make some killer food in it.  But enough about that, let’s talk about the gifts.  My mom and I gave each other the same thing, which was a crap load of citrus basil stuff from Bath and Body Works.  I got my sister a subscription to Oprah’s magazine, gave my grandfather a picture of myself in a nice frame, and my uncle got Patti Labelle’s cookbook.  I got a sweater, some cash, a candle, and gift certificates from Blockbuster.  I have decided it was a good holiday.

I am older, not quite wiser

Friday did not go so well.  I lost my credit card, so the day of beauty never happened.  Cirque du Soleil was awesome.  They had these girls that could not have been 13 years old with their bodies contortioned in some wacky positions.  My bones ached just looking at them.   Dinner at Marrakesh in DC was delish. We got a seven course meal and they had a belly dancer that was cool.  Sunday was uneventful, except that I did find my credit card under a stack of bills I was planning on paying. Go figure.  I did make some chicken with pineapple and corn salsa. That was excellent.

2 more days until my birthday

I made some pork chops with an apple and brandy sauce last night.  It was okay, I mean the chops were great, but I guess I would rather drink the liquor than cook with it.  I got my braces tightened, so it hurts to eat.  Note to self – don’t eat Fritos two days after getting braces tightened.  It’s nothing a little beer can’t handle.  I received my first birthday card this year from Laura.  She is a sweetie. People, just a reminder, my b-day is this Saturday.  Gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Nothing to do but bake

I finally figured out why my smoke alarm would always go off when I baked something.  There was some drippings or sauce of some sort way in the back of the oven that was burned to a crisp. Some of it was on the broiler also.  Yes, I had nothing better to do this weekend than to clean my oven.  Man, am I lame.  The only good thing to come out of it was some kick ass baked italian chicken.  Very tasty.  I will bake cookies soon.