Before they blow up…

Ex-Norwegian, pic courtesy of

Ex-Norwegian, pic courtesy of

Go see Ex-Norwegian in Miami at Sweat Records (5505 NE 2nd Ave) on June 19th at 9:30pm-ish.  They are awesome. Me gusta. I should because I know them.  There will be another show in Miami Beach, FL at Fillmore Miami Beach on June 20, 2010. For more info, click here, people!!

“Love for Granted” by Phoenix

These days are gone
Loud enough to hold on
I think about the time we wasted
I think about the years to come
It’s getting late and I can’t call
It’s getting late to face it all
I think about the time we wasted
My loneliness has slowly grown
I told you not to cross the line
& leave me with your love for granted
The letters from your broken heart
I think I might have lost them somewhere

Don’t tell me ’bout your lies
Don’t tell me ’bout your secrets

My love is easy
You are everything I need
Now your love is gone
I want it safe & guaranteed
Life is such a fine line
Looking at the bright line
I think about the time we wasted
For someday I’ll be coming too
Tonight is dying on its own
& now I got your love for granted
It doesn’t matter right or wrong
As long as you are hiding somewhere

Don’t tell me ’bout your lies
Don’t tell me ’bout your secrets

Even though we’ve said it all
I would never let us fall with you
Hang on to a little chance, you bet I’m in
If it is for better
I would never miss the call, it’s true
Hang on to a little chance, you bet I’m in

Gary, Indiana not Louisiana Paris, France, New York or Rome…

I know that everyone is running around talking smack about Michael Jackson or crying like a baby. We were all taught to respect the dead and not say anything bad about them.  But I’m going to get it out of my system, some sort of purge, if you must label it:

MJ was brilliant. This man created words like shomon or PYT and used slang like tenderoni in songs before LOL or evoo. Don’t get me started about Jesus Juice….

Who else could have hits with Mick Jagger, Sheryl Crow, Slash and Paul McCartney? Anyone who worked with him was guaranteed a hit.  Hello, Sheryl Crow toured with him before Tuesday Night Music Club, before all the grammys, and those were her legs in the Dirty Diana video. He put Vincent Price on the song Thriller…and it sold…big time.  

Who else could rock one glove? Kanye West couldn’t.  Who else could be in a music video with a glittery sequined shirt, sequined pants and boots, and a Jheri curl in front of a strobe light and not be considered gay? Michael fucking Jackson did.   

Angelina Jolie had nothing on his charitable contributions. The man wrote We are the World and Heal the World and put his money where his mouth his. He had one fucking house, granted it was a big one, but he opened it up to kids. There was none of this running around buying a house in every fucking country. He stayed at hotels or friends’ houses and he donated so much cash, even now from his will. He only had 3 kids, not a litter. I don’t care if his kids aren’t his or whatever.  Those kids made their own beds and were respectful. He had kids of every color, every size, every sickness, over to his house for parties and movies.

Michael Jackson grew up fast.  He was 11 years old when he sang on the Ed Sullivan show. Before that, the Jackson Five was the opening band at dance halls and strip clubs. Yes, I said strip clubs, and he was singing songs about love, sex, emotions, and jealousy. Not to mention, he endured the beatings from his dad.  So I could see why he named his entire enclave Neverland. Chasing after that childhood innocence for all those years and being around children, sure he looked like a pedophile. But if I had a choice of letting my son spend time with Michael Jackson or let my daughter spend time with one of the Jonas Brothers, I would pick MJ.  Promise ring my ass.

He was, and always will be, the King of Pop.  This man united people from all countries way before Madonna did.  There was Michael mania, worse than the Beatles, even worse than the George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson. There was pandemonium wherever he went.  And it wasn’t like girls were chasing after him, it was kids,  and everyone of every age. He was respected, and he will be sorely missed. But for me, my heart will hold a place for him, the black MJ, the white MJ, the Wacko Jacko, all of him. And his music will always speak to me.

Madonna Goes to Jury Duty

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Madonna reported to jury duty the day after her fabulous Oscar party. She was on time but was dismissed later on in the afternoon. Hmmm, she must be on to something. She partied until at least 4am and then showed up, I’m assuming, hung over and not looking like her usual gussied up self. I think I should apply this to my own jury duty dilemma. If I party until dawn, show up looking like a shlumpadinka and stinking like a bar, maybe I’ll be sent home.

Be a crackhead…Win a Grammy

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Well I guess it’s no surprise that Amy Winehouse won several Grammys tonight. Her performance was okay, and I don’t know what she was doing with her hands, let alone her dancing. It looked like she had to go to the bathroom. Let me get this straight; she is blessed with a beautiful talent, works hard, gets a record deal, then goes on tour, drinks alot, smokes some stuff, releases another album, has a hit about not going to rehab, gets married, smokes some crack, actually goes to rehab and then wins several Grammys. Things that make you go “Hmmm…”

Robin Thicke

I’m in love. Everyone knows I am a music fanatic who cannot look any CD section of any store in the eye for fear of buying everything. And I always look for new stuff, a new sound, or something different. But enough about me. Let me sing the praises and profess my love for Robin Thicke. Oh my goodness, what a talented, beautiful, soulful man. I was minding my own business, flipping channels, when I feast my eyes upon lovely brown scruffy hair and deep eyes. Then I heard a sample of the 70’s hit A Fifth of Beethoven backing up a sexy, melodious voice. But the thing that got to me was the words he said. I have dreamed of a man saying to me, or just at least thinking “All these intrusions just take us too long/And I want you so bad/Because you talk pretty/because you walk pretty/cause you make me sick/and I’m not leaving/Till you’re leaving…So I pray to something/ she’s keeps bluffing/Rubbing up on me/Does she want me to make a vow?/Does she want me to make it now?/On my house, on my job, on my loot, shoes, my voice, my crew, my mind, my father’s last name?” Simple yet brilliant. I want to get him alone! Oh yeah, I got it bad. All I know is, his CD drops some time this summer. Unfortunately, this is all the information I could find on him, besides an illegal mp3 I begged a friend at work to find. If anyone has any information on him, please email me. [sic As of 2007, he went multi-platinum! I know how to spot them!]

Mr. Big was in town

Well I don’t know about you, but I had an exciting weekend.  My happy hour went very well on Friday.  It’s not good to wake up drunk, only to have a few hours to make yourself and your house look better than they already are and cook a fabulous meal!  My good friend Devon was in town.  I made salmon with mustard and dill sauce, long grain wild rice, and broccoli.  I am not going to go there with the deflated angel food cake.  It went well, and yes, my house was very clean!  Then we headed over to the show.  It was excellent.  I hung out for the after party, and no I did not drink too much.

Enjoy Incubus

I had to shed some wisdom to a friend today.  Actually, I just told him to suck it up.  Everyone refers to the Godfather for advice.  I refer to Incubus.  Don’t mock me, they are the shit!  For example, if ‘the corporate man’ tries to bring you down by not giving you the proper raise you deserve, reflect on what Incubus would say, which is “If I let them make me/I’d be more inclined to bow/The powers that be would have swallowed me up/And that’s more than I can allow.”  Prophetic. Perhaps you don’t quite know if you should quit your job and become a slacker.  Try thinking “I guess it’s possible that I have been a bit distracted/and the directions for me are a lot less in demand/Will I ever get to where I’m going?/If I do, will I know when I am there?”  Do I have a favorite?  Oh yes.  I refer to it when yet another guy turns into a jerk: “If you let them fuck you/There will be no foreplay/Rest assured/They’ll screw you complete/Until your ass is blue and gray.”  Amen my brothers, amen.

Everyone loves Starbucks

I had a great time at the 98 Rock show. Cold was awesome.  Buckcherry rocked the house.  Question: You have a friend coming into town from LA.  Where does he want to go in Baltimore?  Answer: Starbuck’s. That’s messed up. In other news, there is mold in the carpet here at work. Sometimes it smells like dirty socks, and other times it smells like Reese’s peanut butter cup.  This is probably why my nose is still runny.

Spring fling

I had an interesting weekend filled with, yes, that’s right, drinking.  Lucky for me I have that spare liver in the fridge!  If I never see Tuaca again, it would not be soon enough. I went to the Johns Hopkins University Spring Fair.  There was a lot of beer there.  We had too good of a time.  I forgot to mention that I bought tickets last Monday for the HFStival at the crappy RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. Of course I bought tickets for both days!  I want to relive my Woodstock experience.