I’m obsessed

For the last three weeks, I’ve been obsessed with making an app for the phone. I’ve been researching what file goes where, and where to find the file, how to convert it, worst case scenarios and everything in between.  I watched The Social Network the other night and I can confirm that I sounded just like a nerdy crackhead.  I asked a few friends who are in IT and who have made apps and they are helping, but it looks like I will have to do most of it myself. Today’s horoscope was this:

The pressure to do something creative continues to build and you are motivated to take a risk to make something big happen. But instead of trying to shift gears and change into a production artist overnight, it may be to smarter now to fulfill your obligations and stick with your current course of action. You can always find ways to express your originality without turning your life upside down.

What…the…fuck? I don’t even know how to process that. Except now I know I have to go and buy some books to learn how to write code and put the thing together myself. It wouldn’t turn my life upside down, and since I would actually doing something, I wouldn’t sound like a crackhead, blabbing to my friends about it.  I still go to work, shower, try to pay bills.  So I decided I’m going to keep at it, but I’m going to ask for help.  And if it doesn’t work out, at least I tried.

Mad for Alice In Wonderland

red dress from Alice in Wonderland
I *heart* this dress from Alice in Wonderland
I was so excited to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  Imagine my surprise when I became distracted by the dresses Alice wore in the movie.  I’ve become one of those girls.
dreamy frock from Alice in Wonderland

another dreamy frock from Alice in Wonderland

I would even wear the armor/chain maille outfit. What the hell is wrong with me?
putting the sexy in chain mailleputting the sexy in chain maille and armor

2008 Oscars

The Oscars were awesome last night. Jon Stewart was a wonderful host, especially when he gave the winner of Best Song extra time to make her speech. I love how the top awards went to foreigners and no Americans. There were some awards that I would like to personally give, you know, for fun, so here they are:

Best Baby Bump: Cate Blanchett. She looked like she was carrying JLo’s kids plus here own! She is not due for another few weeks but since this is her third kid, she ballooned up like Kirstie Alley. She was hot in the dress. Mad props to her.

Best Reason to Learn a Foreign Language: Javier Bardem. My goodness, is this man humble, talented and drop dead gorgeous. And I want to learn spanish.

Best Impersonation of a Bag Lady: Tilda Swinton. Come on, Tilda. Step your game up. I loved her in the movie Orlando, I haven’t seen Michael Clayton yet, but damn, it’s the Oscars. She has an amazing body yet she decides to steal a dress from some homeless person and pair it with nice jewelry. What gives?

Best Adaptation: Sarah Lawson. Yep, she turned George Clooney to mush, to the point that they go everywhere together, moved in together and attend awards ceremonies together. Women are pondering the idea of becoming a Las Vegas cocktail waitress to snag a Clooney. Come on, I’ve thought about it. Cocktail waitresses across the country are mesmerized by the fact that she adapted the supreme sample of all mankind into monogamy. You lucky bitch, you.

Best Oscar Snub: Whoopi Goldberg. She hosted the Oscars 4 times, is one of a select few who has won an Oscar, a Tony, a Grammy and an Emmy, yet she had one spot in the Oscars montage. That’s jacked up. She was a pioneer before Oprah, before Halle, before Denzel.

Best WTF Moment: tied between Mylie Cyrus and Gary Busey. Why the heck was Mylie Cyrus invited to the Oscars? For the ratings? Look, she’s a great gal and her tv show is great (yes I’ve seen it, not bad) but she has nothing to do with the Oscars. Gary Busey kissed Jennifer Garner (and it looked liked he was holding on to her too long) on the red carpet. He interrupted Ryan Seacrest’s interview with Garner and Laura Linney and kissed both of them. It was as creepy as my boy Bardem in No Country for Old Men. The look on Garner’s face was a mix of surprise and disgust. Classic!

@ the Movies: Atonement

This film was the kind of visual masterpiece that makes you wish your life looked this glossy.  Keira Knightley and James McAvoy have such carnal magnetism that I’m blushing just thinking about it.  McAvoy has got something, even with Anne Hathaway in Becoming Jane.  By the way, their love scene was the hottest 12 minutes of film I have ever seen.  I needed a cigarette after watching it and I don’t even smoke!  The entire cast kept the story going, so I can see why it was nominated for Best Film instead of all the acting categories, except for Saoirse Ronan.  She was excellent as the naive 13 year old sister to Knightley’s character, who grows into a sage woman, delightfully played by Vanessa Redgrave.  I am totally going to get it on dvd.

@ the movies: No Country for Old Men

Wow.  This film is a stunning account of moral extremes.  Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin  were amazing.  Javier Bardem is wonderfully creepy, cold-hearted, and precise.   For a while,  it was almost like these three characters were symbolic of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, respectively.  Jones’ role of the sheriff was restrained but so knowledgeable.  Brolin was bold yet restrained, and smart but somewhat naive.  And Bardem was just plain spooky.  This man had killing down to a science.  It was an excellent film, although the ending reminded me of the Sopranos finale.  The movie deserved all its accolades.

@ the movies: Juno

Finally got to see Juno today.  It was Tuesday so with my card, I got free popcorn.  I used my free movie ticket too.  I love Tuesdays.  But I digress; the movie was spectacular.  It was funny, quirky, touching and wonderfully written.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Ellen Page totally deserves her Oscar nomination.

The Writers’ Strike

I haven’t written anything about the writers’ strike because it hasn’t really affected me. Imagine my face when it was announced that the Golden Globes ceremony is cancelled. This awards ceremony, the Emmys and the Oscar are what I live for each year. I am a movie fanatic and a TV freak, so I was devastated. When the Oscar nominations are announced, I try to see all the movies on the list, and then I make my own betting card. I know, it’s a sickness that I can’t explain. I haven’t done this for three years because I was working so many hours and didn’t have time. Now that I have a job with normal hours, I can walk to the movie theater and get my film on. Do you know what’s even better? Free popcorn on Tuesday nights.  But back to the lecture at hand; I think the studios should cut them a check as back pay and then give them 3% to 5% of royalties from internet, dvd, etc. from this point forward.  Actors get a percentage of royalties from new media sales written into their contract.  The same consideration should be given to writers, after all, it’s their ideas brought to fruition by the producers, actors, crew, etc.  And hurry up with the negotiations.  I don’t want my Oscars to bite the dust.

All I want for Christmas…

courtesy of yahoo movies

My Christmas wish list is…

a job….with benefits
a Breville juicer
Ocean’s 13 and the Transformers on DVD
a tricked out MacBook Pro

But I would give up all those things, my left kidney and my first born for my ultimate Christmas gift: Gerard Butler in full “300” garb, with the shield and spear, in my bed. He has the looks, quit law school for acting and you know how I feel about Scottish men. *prays* Oh Santa, I’ve been a good girl and since I am stuck with 18 months of grand jury duty, I think 24 hours of hot relations with this magnificent man is well deserved.

Post V-day

I know, you haven’t heard from me in a while. I switched companies for my domain name and instead of being a smooth transition, it turned out to be a mess that lasted a few days with no service. It sucked. Anyway, I had an uneventful V-Day. I ate a lot of chocolate, in fact, I was jacked up on chocolate. I was in New York this weekend visiting family. I took my cousin to see that Britney Spears movie “Crossroads.” It wasn’t that bad, and Britney is not a bad actress…she was awful. Well, she is not as bad an actor as Cindy Crawford or Master P. It doesn’t matter because during the first five minutes of the movie, she is dancing and singing in her underwear. And twenty minutes later, she is in a pink bra and panties. Boys across the world will pay any amount of money to see that on the big screen.