Things you should know: I decided not to buy my apartment because I don’t qualify for a loan and I couldn’t afford it.  I was already annoyed that I didn’t have hot water for 13 days, so I just didn’t want to live here anymore.  I got a new apartment which is closer to both jobs.  Speaking of which, my hours were cut from Jobby Job #1, and even though I picked up more hours at Jobby Job #2, I’m still not making the money I used to make.

Things you shouldn’t know: I’ve been on some dates, been out with friends from work and other social activities.  I was hoping that my social life and dating life would improve, but it’s been up and down.  More on the dating aspect at another time.

So for now, I’m packing, I move next week.

Happy Cinco de Swino Day

Yes, I have my face mask, and I will chase all my shots of tequila with hand sanitizer.  Enjoy the Mexican holiday that was ruined by some horny farmer who pulled a dirty sanchez on a pig. Ole!

A Conversation with a Cockroach

After a long day of work, followed by a trip to the grocery store, I was finally home. Imagine my surprise when a seemingly gracious cockroach offered to help me with my bags.  I said no to him, as I unlocked the door, and then he proceeded to enter the main door of my apartment building.  I was pissed.  I told the little critter to beat it.  He refused, and began to ask me questions about my apartment, as in was it clean and how my kitchen was.  I went to unlock my door and he scuttled underneath the door with no problem.  At that time, I was done being nice.  I started screaming “Get out!” while trying to step on him.  He continued to run around, complimenting me on how clean my apartment was and asking me what I was making for dinner. With a shoe in one hand, followed by a stomp, the trespasser was dead.

This is one of the reasons I hate Florida.  There are more cockroaches here than in New York.  They are called “palmetto bugs” here, I am guessing to make it sound less negative, but no, they are still disgusting cockroaches, no matter what you call them.  And these little heathens will fly into you, crawl over your feet and ask if you have anything to drink in your home. Lucky for me, I have central a/c, so the critters can’t crawl in through the cracks or anything, just the one under my front door.  I’m still deciding if I want to buy my place, because it’s super cheap, but it needs some work.  And paint, a new bathtub, a new oven…ugh.

Things you should know about getting older

You realize you need more time.  The random hair on your chin grows faster than the hair on your head.  Staying at home to watch a movie with a glass of wine sounds more appealing than going out to a club, even if your friends are in vip.  Things creak.  The worst, the absolute worst thing ever about getting old, is that you find grey hairs in places you would never imagine.

Fatigue Part Deux

It’s almost 9pm and I am starving…and tired.  I was up at 7:30 this morning to get ready for the jam-packed day.  I had an employee meeting for Retail Job and then off to work for Hotel Job.  I haven’t eaten since this morning and I am sorry, skittles and a chocolate covered graham do not count. I need a meal, with some sort of large slab of meat, some carbs, and LOTS of alcohol.

It’s Official: Obama in ’09

This has to be the happiest day I have had in eight years.  It was worth standing in line to do the early vote.  It was worth being chosen to serve grand jury duty for 18 months.  I am so proud to be an American.  We really turned it out.  The voter turnout was huge and it’s because people woke up.  We needed a change and we got one.  Yes, it will be Obama in ’09.  It’s a celebration, bitches.

Doing my own thang

I’ve had a lot of time to think about things, you know, since I’ve been unemployed for a few months.  Hours of Oprah, Tyra, The View and The Today Show prompted me to re-evaluate my purpose in life.  No my cheeky monkeys, I really don’t think I’m meant to be the second woman in history to experience the immaculate conception.  I know that I am supposed to be here in Florida after numerous attempts to get a job in NY or as a flight attendant.  So what now? The one resounding bit of advice that was offered repeatedly was to do what you love, and the money will follow.  Hmmmmm….perhaps I should start blogging about the things I love, like food, movies, tv shows, and sex.  Wait, I already do.  Doh!


I watched the new 90210, you know, to see myself.  *guffaws*  For those of you who don’t know, Shenae Grimes is one of the stars.  She is supposed to replace the Brenda character from the 90s version of the show.  The first episode was okay and the CW got some nice numbers, but the second episode, not so much.  Well no wonder she didn’t want to buy my domainNote: I even changed my byline just to get more traffic.  Take that, stick figure with no soul.

Shenae Grimes

this is the not interesting Shenae

I’ve owned shenae.com since 1999. That’s almost 10 years, coming up in October. I have a unique name. It’s true, but I have spent years trying to escape it. After Martin Lawrence created the character Shenae-nae for his television show, I hated my name even more. There was a time when I told people to call me Nae, short for Renae or some crap like that. That lasted for about 5 years. Then I met that damn drummer, who liked my name, so I accepted my fate and went by my real name. So imagine my surprise when an up and coming actress shares my name, exact spelling and all. Shenae Grimes is popular in Canada after doing the new version of the tv show Degrassi Junior High but now she has hit pay dirt with the new 90210 series as the new Brenda. I saw dollar signs, lots of them. After some serious research, I contacted both her agents about purchasing shenae.com. Nope, the stick figure with no soul is not interested. Well now what? Sell it to porn? I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it any more!

Oh Ginger

Prince Harry, center, courtesy of the Daily Mail
Giggling gals and lustful ladies around the world are letting a universal sigh of relief. Why? Because Prince Harry has been chucked (that means dumped for all you Americans) by long-time girlfriend Chelsy Davy. The rumored cause of the break-up was his decision to go to the World Cup Rugby final instead of attending Chelsy’s 22nd birthday party. In Chelsy’s defense, she moved all the way from Zimbabwe to be close to him. In Harry’s defense, it was the rugby finals! What is sad is that ages ago, when I was younger, and not so wiser, I was clingy, dependent, and constantly trying to rush things to the next step. My efforts were fruitless because these guys were not interested in me. And if they were, it didn’t matter anyway because I was ruining the relationship. My point is, maybe Chelsy and Harry are being childish with each other. Do you know what I think? Besides the fact that I fancy ginger-haired young blokes? If it was me, I would have no problem watching rugby and drinking lots of beer with the man I love. We’d definitely score later…